Thursday, June 10, 2004

Another brother was found!

Today, I received a mail from brother james. he told me he is a retired person, who enjoys the gospel, and he is very delighted, when I forwarded Dixon's article to him! I pray that he is another blessed, who tried reaching our to people. And GOD actually brought him to me!

Thanks james for your words! I hope you will continue to be burn with fire for our LORD Jesus and reaching out those who are going the wrong way!

Well, to be easy on me, I just connect those two plug together, so they can both share the gospel.

I read my cousin's blogs. Oh my, I think she is trying to tell me to join a CG. HEY HEY! I am really a bit tempted, you know?? haih. Well, you know me, I am not very good with time management.

Did you know? just a simple design of a box, I took 2 weeks to complete it! Oh Gosh! that is really really slow!!

Oh yeah, yesterday, I got a weird dream. . .
Did you kno, sometime, GOD test your faith towards him through your dream. It is a place, where you sin, no longer controls you, but your soul. The purity of your soul is being tested.

I dreamt that my cousin, priscilla, told my mom that I am a christian. Later on, my auntie and uncle all came to say bad things about LORD GOD!

What I didn't expected, is I defended GOD's name, and is able to recite the names in the bible and over turn them. Then, I saw it! an angel. I do not know which of the 9 angel is he. He walks away, with a book. when he was gone, I woke up! Hmm... Dreams, from GOD really can make a very deep impression that you cannot forget, even tough people forgets their dream when they are awake. Until now, I still remembers it!

everyone who read this, remember, the word of the bible, is a sword of GOD. The word of the bible is although a sword, but it is worthless without anyone who swings it. You must master the bible, learn it, and apply it. Only then, lucifer will have no choice over you.

Once again, Praise GOD who send James to me, and my temptation to open his mail, form the Junk Folder, which I seldom do!!


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