Sunday, June 13, 2004

A Walk on the beach.

Have anyone heard about the story about a guy, walking on a beach with GOD? hmm...

It's been a year now, and whenever I faces problem, this will just pop right out of my head.

Once, a man was walking along a beach. they are walking back, because it describe the life a the man. He noticed that there are two footprints, his footprint, and God's footprint.

There are many times, one pair of footprint is missing. He turns to God and ask him:"Lord, why is it that when I faces trouble, you left me and leaving me behind?"

God turns to look at him, and says:" My Child, You are very precious to me, and I would never leave you alone."

The man wanted to ask again, God Speaks:"When you faces problems, I am the one, carrying you up and walks through those times."

Now isn't that touching? I believe the man is also touching. It's a story I happens to came by, from a book, perhaps God himself wanted me to read it, because I just happens to read it when I was feeling really down at that time. Now, whenever I wants to get that book again, I could no longer find it. But one clue I can tell you, it's in Orchard National Library. Yup. That is the place I found that book and read it. Althogh it's a short passage, but it really have its meaning.


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