Saturday, July 10, 2004


For two weeks, I am stuck with a final and most critical component. A Gas Spring.
Well, thanks to pinky and peichiang, I got a supplier of the gas spring, and have contacted the technical and work out a particular part number. Everything seems to be ok, then the boss kicks in.

He dun like german gas spring. He prefers Japanese (NIHON NO!) gas spring. Well, from the yellow pages and The Green Book, NO JAPANESE GAS SPRING!

Well, after days of searching, I finally got one. and guess what, it take 3 months indenting orders. Well, we later found another company that orders japanese gas spring,a nd the size does not fit. So I gotta work out the whole working load distribution myself.

Gas spring is one difficult component. Wrong sizing and wrong workload, it can cost you the price of a gas spring. Then the hinge, one supporting stuff, may break, if the safety factor is too high. Aiyah!

Oh yeah, today went outing with Kevin's CG. ha ha! quite fun! Got to know some members of his. We went to the plaza singapura, and have a black pepper rib. It's EXCELLENT! Remember! Cafe Cartel! $15.90, and it's definately worth you every single dollars. Poor poor cabbage. Haven spread the first leaf, it's in our mouth, chewing away. ha ha!

Well, maybe the speciality of the cafe is the bread. FREE SPREAD OF BREAD! Many people cut slicing it. too bad we are in the hurry, so I din get to finish up the bread. Well nice having outing with you, Joshua and others!!


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