Thursday, November 08, 2007

Energy Saving through Air-conditioning

My Fan Coilt Unit, With a breaker
This is a new modification I have done in my home, to attempt to cut my cost of electric bill. In my home, we have a compressor, and 4 indoor fan coil unit (FCU). As only one room is in high usage, whereas the rest are always in standby mode, I rewire the circuit, and connect them to a hardwire switch, so that I can control them.

In this case, a Miniature Circuit breaker is used, because it is firstly, current control device, and it is also not used often. Only once in a blue moon, would these FCU be switched on. The Miniature Circuit Breaker main role is to cut off power to the FCU, so that it would not draw any current from the compressor. At the same time, the compressor do not need to listen to the FCU, because there is no power. This prevent the FCU to be in standby mode, because during standby mode, both compressor and the FCU draws a less current, to wait for the remote control. But over a long period of time, this can add up in the electric bill. So this is installed, except one unit, which is serving my room. And of course, if I am not using the aircon, I would just shut off the isolator.

My Fan Coil unit by the sideYesterday, it is quite a nightmare. There is this renovation going on, and those contractor are always using the only lift, that can only go to the roof top. It is the service lift. Occasionally, before that, some office people uses the service lift, instead of the foyer lift. I mean, by right, service lift should be used by the service personal to go from one place to another, because it can goes to places where public should not be going to. However, office people uses it because of one reason. The lift door is close to their table. Oh duh.

Anyway, since the contractor starts the renovation, not much office people is using it anymore, because it is dusty, and they have to wait a long time, because the contractors are occupying the lift. And sometime, it is usually fully loaded, that the lift skip the floor. Haiyoh.

I was involved in one of the renovation work, and well, I was so hurried, because there is a problem arise, and waiting for the lift is very troublesome. So sometime, I gotta walk up and down the stairs. I think I should be able to lost a few kilos here and there. And carrying a 7.0KG bag along with me. Duh.


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