Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Death Note

Wow, it have been a long long time since I came online doing blogging. Sometime, I am a bit surprised myself, that tiume really flies too fast.

I was promoted some weeks back, and to take up a new role, I worked really hard, to learn most of the things available at work. Adding to the present workload, I am also doing energy audit for a building that I am working in right now. Practically, apart from knowing how the entire building, I am now learning how to cut down on the energy of the building with some helps. As the BCA, Building and Construction Authority encourages on going GREEN, I am helping out to find out which individual of the machines in the building consumes the most power. Out of the basic finding, a third of the energy that the building consumes, is in air conditioning. And second up is the water. In the building, the thing that uses the most amount of water will be the cooling towers. This is because during heat dispenses, water vapours was also freed to the environment. My greatest dream is to be able to construct a system to collect the condensate from the Air Handling Units, and divert it back to the cooling tower. I am pretty sure this will really saves up the water bill. This is because water condensation is a nonstop process as long as the AHU is running.

Some of the things at home requires attention, I gotta attend to it. One of them is the Sony projector that have been with us for 9 years, and a PDA that always fails, until a big issue is made out of it before the HP REALLY fix the problem.

I was watching a show for 4 long hours yesterday. It is a movie, that was so popular in the current anime in Japan. The movie is called Death Note. Yup. that's right, a anime called Death note, and I watched both of it. "The Death Note" and "The Death Note, The last name" I think the Death note is much better than the second part. And as the movie said, you have to watch the first, before you can understand the second. This is because in most of the conversation, they sometime flash back to the first part events.

I somehow feels the show is like the Final Fantasy series: They have no happy ending. In this show, out of the three character, 2 died, and 1 was left alone, and went mad because she could not get the thing that she wants. And the most saddest part is that the girl, lights up candles every year on the guy's birthday, who have been turn to dust because he was killed by the death note.

The story is about one guy yagami light, who became rika, when he got hold of a death note left by ryuk, a death god. He uses it to spread justice and insist that it should be the way of life. A mysterious man called L, is summoned to catch Yagami. And as yagami have a very high IQ, he outsmarted L many time, but he occassionally made a few mistakes, that leads him to serious consequence. One of them, is to join the police force, which his motive is to find out who L is, and to kill him with the death note. But as L have predicted, he knew rika will join the police force, and seek him out. They plays dangerous moves, until second rika appears. Which is Misa Amane. Misa is a girl, who falls for light, because he have brought her dream that there is hope in the world. She traded half of her life for the "Eye of the death". Unlike rika, the second rika kills without the need to find out the name and faces. All she needs is a TV, and she can kill anyone she dislike. The most breaking uproar, is that she made a big killing out of the innocent just to seek rika out. On seeing this light appears and was spotted by second rika immediately. she look up for rika, and propose a date, and join forces, to learn L's name. Knowing both rika are trying to kill L, L plays a long game in the second part with both rika, and must outsmart both of them in order to survive.


Blogger kfriend_sg said...

the movie out so long liao, then you comment!!!!
But it's s gd movie...
anw, i watched part 2 first before part 1....coz my fren explained the whole story to me...hahaha...

and i havent seen you in such a long time that i dunno you've been promoted!!!
Congrats and when are you treatin me to dinner?

2:23 AM  

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