Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A small dust, A great destruction

Building maintenance, or so called Building servicing, are one of the important job in a building. In any building, there are three group of people that is very important. That is Operation, Security, and Housekeeping.

Operation people starts up machines in a building, to start all the ventilation, Air-conditioning, and checks on pumps, and make sure electrical delivery is smooth without any problem.

Security people stop unwanted guest or intruders, and safeguard the properties in the building. Should there be any fire, security is to make sure everyone evacuate the building in an orderly fashion, and no looting is allowed during those period.

Housekeeping people washes and clean the areas so that tenants and visitors can enjoy their stay, and poo in peace.

Supply Grill front SideEarly every morning, these are the group of people who will be reaching the building first. They do their jobs, so that visitors will come back.

Today, I derived a theory that a small little dust, when accumulated, can create a big problem, if they are left unchecked. Imagine the possibility that a small dust, can even create a fire that burns the whole building down.

Today, there is a problem, where the air condition is very small in certain areas. A thermal check shows normal, and air conditioning is checked intensively for any faults. Nothing is unveil until we follows the entire ducting to the end point. From bottom, we see the grill is clean, but the air delivery is still very low. We took down the supply grill, and flipped over. As expected, the grill is extremely dusty, and that is the reason why it slows down the air supply.

Supply grill back sideWe bring it out for washing, and put back. After 1 hours, we returns, and find that the air circulation have improved, and the odor has disappeared. This brought to attention that every supply grill works at it's best when they are clean. Thick dust can trap bacteria, and create foul smell. When accumulated, they can slow down air, and if there are a lot of supply grill, it will be hard on the air conditioning units.


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