Thursday, December 28, 2006

Shop and Shop

Broken Water Tank

I was doing some reading at home today, and I saw the broken water fountain, that is on a shelf. Hmm.... It saddens me, because it was broken last week. All because I lay the sprout on the table, and when I was trying to use the binocular, I shaked the table, and the sprout fell over and broke the fountain base. Well, it is beyond economical repair, and have to be discarded.

I remember it was contructed so many years back, and it cost me really a lot of money. This is because I do not know how to assemble, or cut glass at that time.


In work, our boss has caught 2 of our friends, shopping during the working hours. It is really busy enough, and they even can go and shop. I just don't believe the attitude of some workers. Sometime, I just hope two guy got the boot, because they are the leader of this bad incident. And some of the tools even got missing. Now to mention of it, my umbrella which I kept in the workplace, was missing as well. What would a person want to do with an umbrella that leaks? Oh yes, it is lucky the umbrella I owns are leaking. ha ha. It is a long dark blue umbrella, which I kept in the workplace, so that someone can use it, just in case. Not that it is gone, I better get a small one and keep in my locker. Alternatively, I could just grab a cab and go on straight home.

And finally, that dreadful cough is gone. ha ha ha. Finally, I got to eat the KFC. Yum yum. For 3 weeks, I have such a bad cough, I could not eat chicken for a long time. Now that I have recovered, I bought the KFC family feast 1, to enjoy. The smell is really touching, and when the chicken touches my mouth, I could just feel that tender and juicy meat, taking a cut through my teeth. The next moment, it is the chewing, and down into the stomach. It really is soothing, and delicious.


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