Friday, November 17, 2006

U.S. Number 1 came and go.

Yesterday, The US, United State of America's president dropped off in Singapore. He is on his way to Apec, and have made a stop in Singapore. Eversince his last visit in 2003, this is the second time he come to Singapore.

As a gesture of welcome for him, every motorist are so honoured to give 15 minutes of their time, to give way for the escort. The security was so strict, that only on the radio itself, would they announce which road would be closed, for the convoy. I think SIngaporean should take it as a day, to let of the vehicle for a day or two, or stop, to enjoy the view on the expressway, or traffic, and listen more to the soothing music in the car, rather than complaining and whining about it. It is an honour to have someone important from another country, to come to Singapore, and pay a visit. Likewise, when our leaders went to other country, the same have been done, so that the trip would not be delayed.

Some may grumble why does the TP announce only on radio, and not in advance. If the road are disclosed, some protesters may take an opportunity, to lay in wait on the road, and put up banners. I knew what banner they are going to lift up, so a visitor may not feel good seeing it.

Today, the president have gone to hanoi, to do the things that he wanted to do. Over the news, I see the first lady, telling story to the children. This is something that we are proud of as a Singaporean. A world class national library located in victoria street.

Once again, Mr George W Bush, Thank You very much for stopping by Singapore.
In GOD We Trust. (Imprints in a USA Currency Note)


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