Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Village Dining

Last week, I went to the Village in The Heeren, to dine in.

As part of the employee in part of the organisation, I get some discount for it. It is a pity it is a low amount of discount.

I had Pork Chop, with soup and 100% fresh orange juice, and a baked potato.

The pork chop is really very nice. That is of course, consider the grill and the chef is very good. Did you know, that the grill cose thousands of dollars? And the amount of the electricity is although amazingly, but effectively.

The pork chop is very juicy and tender. And I am sure that the boss of village, is pleased to hear it. As I worked under him before, he is a man, who is so called Mr Ikea man. ha ha. This is because when he opens an Ikea box of furniture, he would know immediately which parts is for that particular part of the furniture. While I was scratching my head, he knew that particular piece is wrong, and that is why, we cannot fix it up. And he is such a man of humor also. Once, I made a small crack out of the wall, he exclaimed to me that now he have to take down the entire wall to cover that crack. Well, you can't blame me Mr Ikea, I do not have a glass drill to drill a hole on the tile before I hit the wall. Hee haw hee haw

Bringing you back, After eating, I took a short walk around, and found another amazing place in the village. It is a wine room, where empty bottles of wines are kept in, and it is very serene place. We changed place to there, and ordered the chocolate fondue. It is sinply delicious, only to the fact that the fondue is not very thick. It is quite mild, but the chocolate taste is very rich. Praise God for the people who invented this delicacy.


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