Monday, October 02, 2006

Mid Autumn Lightup

Lights, Camera, FIREWORKS!

Have you been to the Chinatown Lightup recently?

The Roads have to be closed up, because the participant is so huge, that the organization commitee have to close up the road, to facilitate the lightup of the chinatown mid autumn.

Some of the old folks are actually grumble because the road is closed, and I see that they are really old fashioned people, who are unwilling to change, or innovate.

Frankly speaking, there is really no harm closing the road, because it is a huge events, a lot of money is spent, to make the Chinatown a wonderful place. Not all old man are stubborn. Some are happy about it, because they find it rare to be able to walk on the roads of the Chinatown. Becuase only on Chinese new year, would the government close up the roads, for the celebration.

Fireworks, although it is small, but it is well organised. It accompanied with a story of chang-e and it is really beautiful.

President Nathan, is a busy man during these few days, because a lot of people are inviting him for the party. On that day, he is to watch the mid autumn lightup. Then the next day, he was invited to the Singapore Idol final.

Singapore Idol

Speaking about Singapore Idol. Hady won the singapore idol 2006.
It is a malay again, and I am sure suria is making a big show out of it. Why Jonathan never win? Perhaps it can bring Channel 8 some glory as well. It is too bad, he can't sing as good as Hady.


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