Saturday, April 22, 2006

Full power operation for new desktop.

Hi hi, it have been a long long time, sicne I got online.

Yup, My old desktop is getting too slow, that I have decided to get a new desktop.

Silly me, I did not wait for the new desktop, and then, I offered my old desktop to xiao Lan's land lord.

Old Desktop
Anyway, in case you did not know, the old desktop is HP Pavilion 8220. It is a 333Mhz pentium 2. After some consideration. I Decided to get an IBM Desktop.

The reason I am not choosing the HP now, is because of past unhappy events with the HP product. That is the HP Compaq nx7010. and in case you are a HP employee, look up for this HP compaq nx7010 Serial CND4210Pjz. You will see many notorious reports, and the feedbacks written to HP thrice.

I have to write the serial so much, I can actually recite it without fail.

Sourcing for LCD
Anyway, I went to Funan Center and Sim Lim Square many times. This includes sourcing for additional parts. I got a Lenovo 3000 J series at $999 without monitor in funan Center. I did not get the monitor because I do not like the display, and I also prefers a wide screen Monitor. So I got a Viewsonic VA1912W, which is a 19 inch widescreen LCD monitor. I chooses viewsonic, is because when compare this model with other brand, somehow, this monitor have a "comfortable look" It is a pity they do not ahve a black LCD, otherwise, it would firt the colour of my IBM desktop.

Upgrade Power Supply
After I have the desktop, I did not start up immediately, because I want to improve the desktop further. I upgrade the power supply from 250W to 500 W. Thsi is because, it have to support two hard drive, and 3 CD drives. Not to mention, the new graphic card, and Air cool Ventilation.

Ge force Graphic Card.
I install a graphic card, Geforce 6800GT. It is by far, a more advanced graphic card. Although the 6800 Ultra is the best. But still I think for gamers like me, a 6800 GT is enough.

Redesign for ventilation
Next, is the ventilation. With the graphic cards, the internal of the CPU is sure hot. So I re-design the Lenovo casing, and construct it to work like a Cleanroom Technology. Except without the filter of course. The top cover is sent to a stainless steel company, Make Yield for drilling and modify the casing. Thanks for the design of Lenovo, I do not have to change other parts, because the standard Lenovo Desktop have ventilation. The current ventilation design for lenovo is a horizontal laminar airflow. but I studied that hot air, rises vertically upwards, so I redesign the casing and change it into vertical laminar airflow.

When the fabrication is complete, I fix the fans onto the harddrive, and the casing. The casing have 6 fans, controlled by the CPU power supply. Thanks to cooler master. In this way, I don't have to turn on extra power supply. Instead, whenever I turn on the PC, the fan all blast up.

With two hard drive, there are two hard drive fan. The Graphic card have an additional fan near to it, so any excess heat that cannot be blown by the graphic card exhaust, will be taken by the secondary exhaust fan. The graphic card is found to be around 62 degree celcius.

In total, this re-designed IBM lenovo, have 11 fans, all running at 12 VDC.

Norton Systemworks
The software provided is a diskkeeper lite. And seeing that diskkeeper have some limits in doing the defragment, I get a Norton System work. It is a very good sofeware, because the way the software operates, you can really rest assured of the things it performs.

Liquid cool technology
Some may ask me, since the whole PC is running on 11 exhaust fan, why not choose a water cooled system. I am very afraid that the water may leak, and after long time running, the pipe may have air-lock or some algae growing. And forthurmore, a water cooled technology is quite expensive, and there are many parts. As the IBM Lenovo is easily dismantled, I can just open up the casing, and spray compressed air into it when dust are collected.

Oh well, that is all about my new desktop.
I hope one day, I can take a picture of it and paste it in the blog.


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