Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Xiao Lan went home.

Xiao lan went home.

Today, is the day, when xiao lan went home. I am very sad to see her go, but I am glad, she is able to see her parent.

Well, it have been ages since I update this blog, well, it really is tired to work, but I hope it will continue to be, cos it would be bored if there is nothing to do. Worse still, if there is nothing to do, there will no longer be a reason why they should keep us there.

On the night before xiao lan went home, We went to a coffee shop and eat bee hoon fish, and bee hoon fish head, and bitter gourd soup. Then, I became a coolie, and bring her luggage home, rest for a while, and then set off to the airport. It costs $25 to go from woodlands to change airport. When we reached the airport, we stayed for a while, in the viewing mall, before setting off to the departure hall. It must be hard sad feeling for xiao lan, cos I can feel it. And when she went off, she seems a bit blur, cos she nearly walk the wrong way.

Singapore Terminal 2
If you have been to the terminal two of the change airport, I find the design of the viewing mall, a bit ridicules. This is because I expects to see airplane set off, from terminal two. But when I reached there, there is only a few chairs, and the view was blocked by a diffused curtain. I really hope the Singapore Changi Airport will do something about improving the viewing mall, because it may bring the rating of Singapore image down. Not to mention there is no local tv shows in either of the terminals. I think if there is a tv, it can keep te people waiting in the airport, occupied. Well, there is one showing the channelnewsasia, and if you find it, you will walk away, because there is no chairs.

Thank GOD for everything that goes well yesterday, today and forever more. I would like to thank GOD for the perfect schedules, weather, taxi, companion, sunset and a safe


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