Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Monsoon have arrived

North East Monsoon
The North East Monsoon has finally arrived. This is the kind of weather I love the most. It can be very chilling, and it rains nonstop. This also comes at the right moment, when I was doing overhaul for my fish tank. As you know, the best water available for aquarium is rain water. Temperature can go as low as 22 degree, and I simply love it.

Forth Generation Fish Tank.
The Fish tank fabrication has finally completed. In order to put it in use, I do an overhaul for the complete fish tank, so I can redesign the water flow, and add some new water features into the tank. Must thank Xiaolan, She helps me to wash the stones, and well, until my mom tells her not to wash. Oh duh.

The first day, It is observed that the water are all cloudy. And though Carbon is added, but it doesn’t improve. A quick check with the bubbles found the water have became soft, and created bubbles, which doesn’t blow away. I have to wash the whole tank away, to get rid of whatever is causing the water to be cloudy. At this moment, it starts to rain cats and dogs. So I went down, with two large pail, and start collect the water.

After the water is added, the fishies, are very happily swimming without grasping for air like before. Right now, I am waiting for the bacteria to fully establish the colony. Until then, the fish tank is turned on full power.

Sprayed, Clearing, Groped
This starts getting serious. It is the foam spray. As reported by the Straits Times on Sunday, 8th Jan 2006, The foam spray have starts to become the weapon of the molesters. A very popular local blog, “xiaxue” at
Http://xiaxue.blogspot.com , have commented that she is one of the victims, and have started a petition for the foam to be banned. In protection for my xiaolan, I think I sign up too. Hohoho. And can you believe how hot selling these things can be? It can be brought in at 40 cents, and sold at 2 dollars.

Even comments from doctor’s states that the foam, if sprayed at the eyes, can cause irritation and even some eye disease.

I did not buy any of the foam spray, but you can really imagine how the street is filled with the empty cans. If these can be recycled, I am sure all the people who are keen in recycling will be very happy to collect them.

Lighthouse Evangelism

If you are attending lighthouse, or keen in attending Lighthouse, I would like to advise you to attend now, and regularly. This is because the Pastor, Rony, will be teaching deep into the book of revelation. And it can even go as long as one year. Hmmm…. The book of revelation is a very complicated one, because it speaks of things that is not yet to past. Well, if you are interested, you can visit either the woodlands or the tampines Lighthouse. The web site is


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