Monday, November 28, 2005

A French Hairstylish

This is an interesting conversation between my hairstylist and me. I would like to share with you.

??: bonsoir monsieur. It is good to see you again, my name is Anthanio Birate Bolita Baroque. You may call me Anthanio Birate Bolita Baroque in short, but many prefer to call me Anthanio Birate Bolita Baroque. Now it have been a long long time since I see you ever since you exclaimed that my price is étonnant and walk off that door.

Stephen: Yeah boy.

Anthanio Birate Bolita Baroque: How is that girl friend of yours? Did you take her to the place I told you about?

Stephen: the kranji reservoir? Yup. I took her last Thursday. Evening, and it was definitely great~!

Anthanio Birate Bolita Baroque: Great? Not épatant or somptueux or grandiose? How disappointing monsieur.

Stephen: ……As I was saying, the sun set is beautiful Or rather, Magnificent. We went to the Kranji reservoir park A, take a seat, and play at the playground. You can hardly imagine, how clear the sky was. Seeing the sky turns from blue, to yellow, orange, puple, and pink. And besides, the scenery is good. Praise God for the nice view, cool weather, and nice environment.

Anthanio Birate Bolita Baroque: Ah glorifier le dieux. Glorifier Jesus. And is it true there is only one transport going to Kranji? I hear most of my customer comments.

Stephen: Yup. 925, the only bus, operates till 1930. and Xiao Lan and I have to rush back. Otherwise, we would not have time to get back home.

Anthanio Birate Bolita Baroque: What did you have for diner?

Stephen: Bak Guk Teh, and steam prawn. Very sweet, and nice. Well, thanks to my maternel for cooking for us. I like it. And well, Xiao Lan help out to wash the dishes, and I clean the table. It is really nice. At night, we watch the DVD Mouse Hunt. It is about this two brothers, who got an estate, which is priced valuable. The only invader, is a mouse, who is believe to be a permanent tenant. The two brother tries to catch that mouse, because they think the mouse will spoilt the market, if the mouse is there, and will lower the value. So they try every means from getting a fierce cat, and pest exterminator. Well. Both of them failed to get that mouse out of the house.

Then, we watch the Helen of Troy. It is a very old show, about how a fortified fortress TROY, fallen, because of one couple’s true love. Paris and Helen.

I really enjoy having Xiao Lan’s company around.

Anthanio Birate Bolita Baroque: She must be a great amante, if so I must say. I also love my épouse. Hohoho. She bear me 15, 16……or 17 children, I ca’t remember, but we are continuing to achieve a football team. Wahahahaha.

Stephen: So much children? I don’t know how’d you keep up with feeding them. Well, I can’t feed myself, cos I am still out of job. I think a lot of companies, are calling for foreign workers, rather than the local people. So much resume I have sent, and none even give me a call. I m so sad. I wish to get enough money, to go back to China with Xiao Lan. Maybe I can explore around there, and look up of setting a business there. But before all this, I must get a job, before march 2006 or even april.

Anthanio Birate Bolita Baroque: Start a business? How about Chicken rice? Or even a français restaurant? Delectable.

Stephen: Chicken rice……I had that on Saturday. Ha ha. Cook whole chicken rice for us. I think I am not good in cooking chicken rice. To be precise, I stem, rather than boil the chicken. The temperature must be too high. But still, we are quite late, after going to the woodlands library. I can still see, that people still have the tendancy of chopping, or rather, reserving seats for themselves. They like to just leave their belongings there, and walk away. Oh Duh, where they learnt to be like that? I have to share with another person the table.

Anthanio Birate Bolita Baroque: si monsieur, very incroyable. I hope somebody take their things away. Well monsieur, Your hair is done now. I hope you enjoy your time here. And I will always wait for you. Her eis your bill.

Stephen: étonnant !!


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