Monday, November 14, 2005

Notebook fails every month

Yup, it is official, my notebook broke down again, and I have to send for servicing.
I just can’t believe the way notebook fails.

When I got a desktop of a particular brand, it actually lasted me for 8 years, and to this date, it continues to work. After 7 years of seeing how that brand computer last, I go and buy a notebook of that brand also. Just after 3 months of using, the notebook breaks down, and I gotta send it to the service center every month. Yup, every month. I hope I change to other brand. Perhaps after the warranty expired, then I go and buy new notebook. Well, gotta wait till next march.

Last Friday, I took a leave off, and join Xiao Lan, in her study. I also go a buy some electronic components to upgrade the bicycle.
And on Saturday, I brought Xiao Lan home, to meet my mum. Well, guess she like her , and that is fine now. I am just afraid that my mum dun like her.

On Sunday, I wanted to bring Xiao Lan to the Woodlands East Park and see the sunset. And after realize the time is not enough to go, we stop by causeway point to have a look at the sunset. Hmm….It really is beautiful, and it will be even more beautiful, when I watches it with someone I love to be with everyday.

Today, I gotta go back to service that notebook again, oh duh, when will the notebook stop playing me? This time, the clock keeps on reset itself back to the year 1980. hmm…

The cold storage sent a brochure to me regarding the Christmas food. Yum Yum, it looks very delicious, cos this year, there is more variety. I like the salmon fish. They have more variety, rather that just the whole baked salmon.


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