Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Out of Job, Out of mind

Out of Job
Yup, that’s the facts folks, I am out of job.
UNBELIEVABLE~! I have been working for 1 year, and it is really like a short time. I can say bye bye to Chinatown, the beautiful river, the food, and most important of all, the Air con……

I don’t like to work in office, actually, it really can bored me to sleep.
Anyway, I gotta take the remaining time, to do all my stuff, my bank, and everything that I cannot do because those place opens only on weekdays, and same timing as my office hours.

Now that I have no income, gotta start saving. Do you know how hard the pinch is, when I fork out $2 to buy a chicken rice??

Anyway, my fish tank project can rest for a while also, since I do not have budget anymore.

Nature Call

Nowadays, the weather is really very very hot, I wonder what the world have became. Could it be the effect of the mankind? Where they burn and burn, creating a lot of carbon dioxide?

Some days ago it is also reported that the rainforest is decreasing, and showing a satellite photo taken 10 years ago and the present days as a proof.

I wish that the government should harness the power of planting trees on the roof of flats, or even the grass, and set them to their destiny. At least, it would convert the sun ray to sugar, and block out the excess heat.

I read from a book before that said that the USA scientist are exploring the ways of harnessing solar power by putting a satellite in space, and convert it into microwave, and then, they send to earth as microwave, where a receiver will convert microwave back to electricity.

Is it what the US always interested in?? energy? I think they should follow the example of Japan, where they look for ways to simplify products, so that they uses less materials for optimum performance, and also save the raw material. They also look for ways in doing planting on rooftop.

Black Angus
Black Angus is a western concept restaurant. It serve really good food. I went there for my birthday, and really is nice to sit outside, watching the ships pass by. It is in Fullerton. Try the lamb rib. Really is soft, and the prawns also, very cheesy. Oh the phone number is really hard to get. It is 62201191. This is put in here, just incase I forgets about it.

Yup, the womad for 2005 is here. It is a abbreviate for World Of Music And Dance.
It is where all people from other continent comes together and perform a concert for 3 days consecutive. The ticket is really expensive for me, cos for one day, it costs $33 per person per night.

Last year, I attends the WOMAD, because I was curious of it, and went for the third night. It really is crowded, and everyone was involved in it. I really like to go, but, someone must accompany me, and I may even have to pay more for it! Duh.

WOMAD! Give me free ticket!! Tolong tolong.


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