Saturday, June 11, 2005

Split Personality

Split Personality
Do you know what is a split personality?
I was watching this twilight Zone, and it say this guy, who woke up, and does not remember the event for the past 2 days.

He called his fiancée and was suppose to be in a wedding in few days time. As he tried to drive home, his vision zapped, and he was in a deal, buying arms.

Doll House
His one side, is a peaceful, and the other side, is an assassin, planning to kill the president’s daughter.

At night, the SCV was showing mad house. It is rumored, that a young boy, plans to escape from the mad house. His outcome was never revealed. Mysteries fallen on every part, where the doctors are killed one by one. A doctor Clark, decides to find the bottom of the mystery on who is walking around on a killing spree……

Doctor Clark, later starts seeing a boy, who was said to be looking for his way home, but never succeeds. He later visited the basement, where they keeps all the most dangerous patient in it. In a room, Clark saw this man, who claims his name is Ben London, speaks to him, and he is able to know what is happening outside, without leaving the cells.

When everything began to go wrong, He went and tells Ben that he is free to go. At that moment, Doctor Clark realized that he is Ben London himself. He kills everyone who knows he is Ben, and get another job after killing all who knows the secret.

After watching these two, I have been wondering myself sometime……do I have split personality too??

Do I have it??
I have been given thoughts a lot you know? In my first 20 years, I have been living a life, without LORD’s guidance. And I have not given any care about the studies. I lay most of time, playing around, and praying to pagans. And is very interest in sinful stuff.

After that, life seems to change around. I indulge myself into studies, and wanted to know more and more about the way things work, and moved away from pagan worship, and starts to follow LORD’s guidance, and developing a fear for GOD. Christians starts coming to me, and slowly, I feels that why didn’t that happens in the first 20 years? And after 40 years, will my other personality returns to claim this mind? I can feel the other one, keeping telling me to do the sinful things. That is why, I have not yet have a stable relationship. Hoho. I really don’t know.

I remember a story, from a book called God’s little Devotional Book. In it, it said a certin man, was in Sodom. Sodom is a town, full of sinners, and does not listen to GOD’s instruction. This man, goes to the town, telling people to repent. After a few weeks, He began to shout loudly and hanged a banner on his neck, “REPENT! DO NOT FOLLOW THE WORK OF THE SIN!” He shouts for many days, and a man asked him:”You know no one will hear you, why did you still shouting all these?” The man replied:”I know, The first 2 weeks, I haven been trying to tell them to repent. Now I am shouting to remind myself not to become one of them.”

Does this sounds good? I remember that for a few weeks, I have not been attending churches, and then, my left ear was deaf when I woke up one morning. I was really worried. I attended church 2 weeks later, and it starts to heals. Hm…. The mind is strong, but sometime, the mind have to listen to the body.

A person, may be pretty on the outside will never last longer than the person who is pretty in the inside.


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