Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Harnessing Hydroponic part 2

It have been 1 month, and the fishes are in great condition. Yup, I would rec ommand Rein sinteres glass Biohome if you wanna boost up your biological filter.

Although it is exoensive at 36 bucks per kilogram, but the filteration power is equivalent as the size of 3 basketball court. This is because it is engineered porous sinster glass, and after I installed it, it does not have any algae or large particles in the water. The mechanical filter also doesn't get dirty easily. most probably because there is a sewer system at the bottom of the water, and biological filter on top.

Now the thing left is to perfect the hydroponic chamber, and I am trying to experiement in planting vegetables instead of money plant. basically, money plant cannot be eaten.


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