Thursday, January 20, 2005

Female Betta, Terminated

This morning, really is sad, cos one of the betta which I kept, jumped out of the water.

Apparrently, I didn't notice it at firsst, while I was watching the fish tank this morning.

When I forgot about some stuff, anbd returned home, in the mist of the darkness, I spotted a black thing that was not suppose to be on the floor. it is in the living room, 5 M away from the fish tank. As the light was warming up, I saw it moved. The natural instinct kicked in, and the leg moves in for a kill.

Hmm... it felt soft, and when I panic, and very curious to know what it is so big, I switch one the spot light. There I see, blood all over my feet, and the fish is dead.

And I bought it 4 days ago!


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