Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Fish Tank Upgrade completed

Yup, the fish tank is finally completed.

It seems very nice, cos it's a three systems in one. The lastest 'toy' of mine, which combines a fish tank together with a water fountain and a hydroponic system.

Here's is how it works.
Bottom section mimic a sewer system, drawing the waste from the bottom.
Middle section is the fish swims.
Top section is the hydroponic system.

It is understood that plants takes in nitrogen to make fertilizer. and Bacteria, breaks down ammonia to nitrite, the plants takes the nitric as a fertilizer.

Pump lifespan is extended, because the water it draws, is filered clean water, rather than previous design.

The top layer incoporate a water fountain, force water to undergo pressure and current to create dynamic water head, so that stagnant water is not possible.

It is also proven that moving water, collects less dirt and making water move rapidly, the fishes will not have to grasp for air through their gills.

Dynamic head also encourages the aeration of air into the water, without the use of air pump. Some saving of electric.

The lightings are designed, that the left side of the tank, is blue, and the right side of the tank, is white. Fishs can even chooses to swim to where they like.

Hmm... enuff of the fish tank.

Last week, I rents a car, to drive around. well, orchard is so far, the hardest road to drive in. it is so congested and the direction of the road, makes turning difficult.

Have you been to sembawang shopping center? It have this taste of thailand, so nice, on the 4th floor. dun be fooled by going to hunt for it in the food court, because it is the place where it is obvious. rather, it is on the other side of the lift, and is blocked by a shop selling shirts. The food there is ebsolutely fabulous. Well the crispy squid and the fish are the signature of the restaurant. If you think it is expensive, think again. it is quite cheap. And that is why the shop have been there, since the opening of the shopping center. previously, it is from the food court, basement. but somehow, the management shift the food court up to the 4th floor, and seperate the taste of thailand from the food court.


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