Friday, December 03, 2004

Christmas coming!

So, have you started decorating the house for christmas?
I planning to not only decorate my house, but the office as well, ha ha!
If only boss understands it.
Well, Christmas, is the celebration of the arrival of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST, and three humble man flourish him with presents, and the magi, also celebrate with it. it is the arrival of the messiah.

It wasn't until a thousand years later, when Sir Nicholas gave one poor girl her dowery for marriage, did the art of giving presents starts. before then, people do celebrate christmas as well, but only singing chorus and preaching, and renactment of the arrival of Jesus.

Nowadays, we do exchange presents, and when people are complaining about no money to buy presents, ha ha, think again, the bonus kicks in and noone have things to complain.

Today ate a roti prata for breakfast. Can you believe it? $1.40 for one egg prata!! That is daylight robbery (the day is cracked) I immediately note it down, so next time I dun eat that again. Yup yup. I would consider $1 per egg prata, cos hey, how much can the egg cost?


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