Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Stephen's prayer...

Some time ago, I was confused by something, and was in a dazed for many weeks. But one thing I know for sure, GOD, is just a prayer away.

In my prayer, I have asked GOD for answers. and he commanded me to do one thing that I am most unwilling to do. He have answered my prayer, blessing one of my sister-in-christ that the transaction of selling goes smooth, the anointing to have an idea, and a good and forgiving boss, a good assisting colleagues, and a friendly environment.

Then, GOD wants me to leave one thing behind. LORd Jesus christ have said:" How hard is for the rich to enter the kingdom of heaven. the Camel can pass easily through the eye of the needle than a man to do it.

I did not. because I was blinded, and I knew it. He have sent two solutions for me, to make up for it, I did not obeyed. I am foolish to hold on to it. I am really touched when I feels it one day through prayer. But I was confused.

Ashamed, I stopped going to City Harvest Church. I cannot face up to him, who have helped me so much, and I have failed him badly. Jean is right, without a cg, it is really a hard route walking along with Christ.

I have joined four cg during the service before. Sister Jean, Sister Prisc, Brother Joshua, Brother Matthews. I could not find my root in any of the cg. But I truly appreciate their invitation to the cg even though it is only for service, and not fellowship. Time is against me all the time. Thank you all for your kindness and efforts rendered to me during the services and prayer's meeting.

I am really ashamed to face up to him right now, because I have failed him badly.


Blogger cH said...


Hmph.. I just stumbled upon your blog by chance and I thought, no, maybe as your previous entry said, God asked me, to drop you a note.

He has sent His only Son precisely because we have failed Him. We should not be ashamed of our failure, everyone is a sinner. What we should do is to try to come closer to God and obeyed Him better. It's hard, it's difficult, I, myself, have difficulties at times to understand His commands, I'm just 17. But God is always good, and we should not be ashamed of Him. I left Him twice in my life, and now, I planned not to leave Him ever again. Even when I made some foolish mistakes.

Hmph, I don't really know how this comment might sound. I hope you don't see it as arrogant or high-handed. I'm just hoping that you would never stop running after Him.

God bless. =)


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