Friday, August 06, 2004

Aluminium, bad welability


Today, we have a ,meeting with a consultant on a frame, and realised that aluminium, is bad in welding properties, that I have been dissappointed with myself also. Dunno what to do next

For 2 months, I have been placing many time in designing it, and did not have a slightest clue, that aluminium can shrink after welding, because it have a different welding properties from the steel.

Well, this new body gotta throw away again. Came to think of it, this is the second frame that is about to send to the scrap.
But I am not gonna give up on it, cos it's my effort and I gotta see it work.
Kee kee.

Hey, I found this shop in ginza, called sakuraya selling some stuff from japan one, among one is a shell that can be bbq and is cost at $24 per shell! wow, the receipe that I viwews, is that this shell,m you can just BBQ it, and it will have the stock and you can just dip some soy sauce into the shell and eat the meat.

My new latop have just been serviced, and I am actually having a hard time installing the entire softwares into it, cos they actually have to re-install the entire windows programmes into it while they are doing the servicing. Such a troublesome way to use a computer, that how I wish that after the windows is installed, it actually can go around the hard drive, looking for the programmes that are installed and update itself, rather that we have to re-format the entire drive, and re-install all the programmes, so that the windows operating system can update itself as well.

So next time if you are going to weld aluminium, think again, cos it is not recommandable since the material is soft and it will actually shrink and reduce greatly the shape and feature.


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