Monday, August 02, 2004

Praise he who blessed me

I am here to share the testimony which I find it really worth to praise him, because I believed that he helped me on the Saturday.

On Friday, my aunt called us and said that she have her house evaluated, and any time, the person may ask the key from her.

My mom likes her 3 seater sofa, and a cabinet that is like a stair. On fearing that the house may not be in her possession, I will not be able to get the sofa and the cabinet, which my mum likes.

Many times, my mom asks my uncle for his help for labour and transport.He is constantly busy, and I feels he have no time for it. I have an idea of surprising her, because she is working on the saturday. I called up my aunt and ask her to lend me her keys, so that I can get things done. I also called up one of my cousin to join in as well.

On 31st, my aunt is free only after 1400, and my cousin leaves her house by that time to other place. I have no choice, but to depend on myself. I re-designed my bicycle to carry large item (which later found it entirely bobo) and waits for the moment to arrives. As my aunt lives just a walking distance away, She want to come and see how am I going to carry. I have a really hard time carrying the old 3 seater sofa from my house, that I only got barely 200 meter, and I lost balance of the sofa and fell.

Praise LORD at that time, because a group of workers are doing some excavating work, saw this. And an indian came and helped my to carry the sofa, which fell on the floor(I was having a hell of a time trying to pick it up). The foreman ask me where is it carrying to, and offers me his transport and a worker to go with me. He does not want any reward in return and have been so helpful, because he carrys the old sofa to my aunt's house, and carry my aunt's sofa back to my doorstep. Although my aunt is nagging at me all the way, but I am glad that LORD have helped me fufilled my desire to surprise my mom. Deep in my heart, I know, meeting such a helpful foreman is extremely rare, and the LORD joins in my plan to help me.

At night, my mom saw it, and became busy cleaning the sofa the next day. And now, she have a good looking sofa, and a wooden stair to climb up to the double decker to sleep.

Thank you LORD


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