Thursday, August 12, 2004

Chilid down, together with 2 other fish

Monday, the most cutie chilid of mine, died. Along with two other fish that jumped out of the water.
Verdict: Suspected Algae Bloom.

A surprise at first, but later think must be the algae, since the water have a layer of oil, and some smell.
I am so sad, cos the chilid is a very cute, and small. only the fact that it likes to vbe alone in the tank, so that is why, there are 2 fish tank, but the water circulation are linked up horizontally.

Now that a fish died, I tried to make that spare tank into a water fountain.
Verdict: Failed.

now the next move, overhaul the whole fish tank, and connect 2 tank , with 2 seperate zone. Bright zone, and night zone.
Pity I did not have the digital cam to photograph their dead bodies.


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