Monday, August 30, 2004


Hey there~! I was in the WOMAD this year! ha ha, Praise him cos I was offered a free ticket to WOMAD this year. Perhaps HE cares for me !

Well, I got two tic, for the sunday night, and it really is Kool~!

Haih, well, WOMAD is a gathering of many international singers and people who sings and zap and hips. Many are praising GOD after the songs. Somehow, Natasha, from indonesia, is the most welcome, cos she was immensed with a lotta welcomes.

I really loves it and the ticket is really worth it.
Through it, I can see that many people are rejoices, over the songs, because they dances aroung, and it is certainly very very, much alive!

The Holy Spirit is in the air, and you can't resist the urge to spin and thrill. ha ha!
I really hope that people would attend WOMAD 2005 , because I was shouting with others, "MORE! MORE!" and the emcee said next year!!

Well, borrowed the light stick at the wrong timing, cos the Zpop is on Saturday, and I lent the light stick to Priscilla. And so, I dun hav eit on siunday for the Womad.
Well, I would really want to attend the full three day concert, cos from 1800 till 2300, there is the nonstop of singings, and praising! ha ha! and for the same amount of price, you can get to choose your seats, and you can even go up to thhe stage and jump and dance with them. hee hee

Well, JOIN it next year there!!


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