Thursday, December 02, 2004

1st Batch Upgrading material arrival

Hooray! The first batch of the second fish tank upgrading have arrived!

A new start is so looking forward to it, cos the plan is beginning to realise.
Actually, should say, the second batch of material should be more enthusatic, cos it is the building core of the whole fish tank. ha ha

The third batch is the finishing touch, so can wait.
So that taufix have won the singapore idol huh. and that felicia have gone off to china liao. well, countdown to 7 days, before they are back.

The second batch of materials are 20 pieces of glasses, and if it arrived, I hope it is the weekend, so I can build it up. Many people may think that glass are easy to cut. but it is the technique and experience to make it work. It does not required saw, or chisel to cut, but if the wrong line is drawn, there goes the glass.

Annealed glass, are so much cheaper than tempered glass. And the next most expensive is the heat soaked before the laminated glass.

Well, price, are replaced by safety. the more money is spent on strenghtening the glass, the more stronger are the glass. If I can afford heatsoaked tempered glass, this fish tank can be very very expensive.

Oh yeah, that glenn ong and jamie yeo are married finally. hmm... didn't realise the impact of jamie is so great on Glenn, to make him stop smoking.


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