Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Fish tank, second upgrading

Yup, it is confirmed, the second upgrading is up, and it is split into 2 stage.

The first upgrading is a failure. the filter compartment is not stable, and there are first, that are able to swim into the first stage filtration.

The filter is a pain, with 5 assemblies, and must be remove, inorder to access the fish tank for cleaning.

An evaluation is done, and new concept for the next stage filtration is completed. Lucky, or rather, praise GOD, for the fish tank, because it is he, who prompt my neighbour, to buy a fish tank, and cannot uses, thereby, they gave it to me free. And it is the exact size that I would want to customise. Lucky that time, I didn't otherwise, it would cost me $100 in all.

The new fish tank is bigger than the existing, and the parts are ordered. I hope this time it should not fail. The first stage, is the start up the 3 stage filtration, and the second stage upgrading, is to modify the water circulation on the top. Why water circulation?

The water circulation, is to have the water beat against each other, to force the air, into the water. And once they are inside, the water are forced to circulate into a narrow channel, and then expand out, to force the bubbles to be smaller in size. then they are again, go through a narrow channel, to create the water head, before dumping into the reservoir.


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