Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Sights in Boat Quay

hmm.... Actually, It is suppose to be type yesterday, but the PC was down.
Let's us assume it was yesterday this was input.

I was in Boat Quay, cos I was having the Creative 4200 camera. well, that camera somehow have a problem with the current, so gotta bring it to the creative center in the evening.

As I was taking photos, I went to sit on one of the stone chair. Yup, the breakfast of the day, Some german sausage and some bread.

Does those pigeons knows what am I thinking? I was eating and many pigeons flying to me. and even a crow. When I saw the crow, I could felt as if GOD is beside me, telling me about the prophet Elijah. He was to deliver a news of deliverance and prompt the people to repent before the downfall of the kingdom. GOD, uses crow, to pick food for elijah everyday for 3 years, because the king's men are after him. Although crows, are deemed as 'unclean' by jews, but GOD uses it to provide food for Elijah. After 3 years, Elijah challenge the corrupted priest to start a fire. Well, in the end, Elijah wins because he have GOD with him.

As I was eating happily, I realised that the crows seems to be afraid of me or something. the pigeons seems to gather around me at the inner circle, and the crows are standing on the outer circle. yet, when I throw a small piece of bread, and the crow snatch it and eats away, as the pigeon watched with resent. And when the crow gets it, it would swallow it whole, and if any are stick out, other crow will rush and try to dig the exposed piece out of the beak.

One thing that the pigeon and crow never do. If you throw into the river, they wun get it. ha ha ha.

One word I got: The WILL of GOD, will never lead you, where the GRACE of GOD will never keep you. Rather, it is the GRACE of GOD will lead you, and the WILL of GOD will keep you.

Another, is ALLAHU AKBAR, meaning, GOD is greatest in muslim. Hmm... published in the STREATS on Wednesday, 1st December 2004, front page.

Oh yes, one thing about this streats and today. The TODAY, are some sorta annoying. They wants to distribute the newspaper, on 0730 sharp, period. And they would gone missing in actiuon until 0730, then they would come down and distribute the newspaper. And when they distribute to some, it is in bulk, and not one by one. I remember once, I only want 1 piece of newspaper, but they just push one whole stack, with the rest that I dun even need. I just would like others to have a chance, so I would take one, and share among my office. hmm... but to the STREATS, however, when they are stocking up the papers for the day, they would leave one bundle open, and anyone can just go and take it. Once the 0730 is up, they start distributing one by one by hand, and would even thank you for taking it. I find this is some pleasing, because we will feel that it is a nice day. One guy even greet me GOOD MORNING, and prompt me to take a copy of streats, and that is when the cycle starts, and continue to take.

0730, before, is the time where I must reach Raffles Place for the 10 cents rebate on the fare. after that, it is the normal price. I uses a casio A220 model, and it have an alternative timing, which I setted according to the SMRT time. and the normal timing is according to the Clock in the office. Yup, gotta know the difference, because they both are different. before 0730, TODAY people will never seems to be exist, and their boxes are locked up. HELLO, you not there, I am not taking it. rather, it is the STREATS, the man who offers me. In return of the previous, I would look into his eyes. and says thanks to him, and that is the price to pay for the 'free' newspaper. hee hee hee.

Let's zap back to reality, today. ha ha, today, Glenn Ong of Class 95 is leaving the club of singlehood, and join in the club of marriage. He is marrying Jamie, and as far as I remembered, he seems to have it planned, cos he propose to Jamie, when they are both in oversea. hmm.... Jamie is one who can acts and be a DJ. Glenn can only be a DJ, and crack those corny joke. and when the joke goes out of control, hello, the 'daddy style' flying dutchman will step in and take control of glenn. and ROD would spray the foam at the fire. ha ha ha.


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