Monday, December 06, 2004

Missed the call for service...AGAIN!

Last friday, the Twilight Zone, shown a story, that is so much very real to the reality to the world in which we live in.

It is saying that in this town, dunno what is the name, there are a group of residents, who are very friendly to each other, and even have a commitee to review the state fo the land they are living in, and trying to improve it.

One day, there came a new neighbour, and this neighbour prefers to be alone, and solitary, a peaceful life is that they wants.

Then, in the comittee meeting, there is an explosion, and disabled all electronic devices, which this town relies on.

They start panic, and there are two person, one try to make up war, another want peace.

The one who make up war, make up stories, about these new resident is a terrorist, and wants to burn them out. the other, tries to calm them down, and also, trying to talk to the new neighbour, to show the group that they are not the terrorist.

While they are quarreling, a car, came out from the city, and drove straight to the house's garage, and the lights for the house starts lighting up.
The town are puzzled of how come the house still have the light. Then, the peaceful guy, goes and knock on the house, then talk with the owner inside the house. They even shows the shadow, showing the two men are talking to each other, for all to see. Yet, when the man went out, the one who wage war, show that he is the companion with the person inside, and shout others to crash this house. Even the wife of the peaceful guy, rejected his call for peace, and follow the angry mob to attack them.

The angry one take the bottle, and stick, and smash the windows and others follow him and burn the house down.

So you see, there is a weird stuff, that if ytou are a different type opf a person in and different neighbourhood, they can't seems to give you a rest. Just like the joo chiat place.

Today, I have a free breakfast, and there is one and only person I would like to thank, for he have answered my prayer.

I am still sorrowful, cos I have not responded to the call to go for the service, in the new place.


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