Monday, January 10, 2005

Never curse, in troubled times

This is something new today, I learnt.
We must , however hard the time is, never curse at anyone.

Rather, pray, say your prayers, and you may be gifted by wisdom to finish it.
The reason behind, is that, if you act rashly, you may make worse the situation, and will led into downfall.

In a court proceeding, the judge was so mad, that she take a time off, with her prayer, beforte continue. Otherwise, she will make the wrong judgement, and give the wrong conclusion.

On the contrary, when devil tries way to bring you down, and you say prayers, it will not only make you think positively, but also brings defeat to the devil, that he will leave you alone. "Why would I want to strenghten this person, who is going to destroy my kingdom?"

There is one time, I was to the resort of giving up this project that never seems to be able to work. but in the end, after weeks of prayers, the problem is finally solved. Praise to the LORD

When LORD Jesus is on the cross, he , did not ever curse those who pin him, rather, he cpontinues to says prayers and ask the FATHER for forgiveness and mercy on mankind.


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