Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Harnessing Power of Photosynthesis

Have anyone seen my second generation improved fish tank? It is something out of nowhere, and my superior officer recommand me to market the fish tank.

Built under the technology of the cleanroom, the fish tank requires no water change at all. Only topping up the water, and the environment is so concealed, that evaporation is returned back to the water. Cool tower, when fully recharged, can cpture the water vapour from the air, and returned to the fish tank.

Filtration? Mechanical, Biological and optional chemical. The fish tank is filtered mostly by biological, and the mechanical medium only changes once every 3 months. Suggstion have been that the fish tank could be improved, if the fish tank is able to be filtered entirely on biological.

The most proud technique is the 3 stage water crush, where the process called "forced aeration" crush water to force the surrounding air to be combines into the water, and provide oxygen to the fishes. Therefore, no air pump is needed absolutely.

The only thing needed is only a water pump, 10 watt, and it is good to go.

I am into harnessing the power of photosynthesis, to understand the hydroponic, so that the biological process can be faster. The conclusion is if the plant can absorb the waste of the fish faster, I can eliminate the use of mechanical filter.


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