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How ORCarrier creator came to know Jesus Christ

The Introduction
I recently read a book, by one author in the 1930s, and it describe of DEATH, the one who take people’s soul, at the point of dead, looking for a temporary replacement. He looks for Mort, a peasant, who possess great power, to do the work of death, while he is having the days off, to enjoy. Mort, came to a great library, and in it, are books of all living people. The book, keeps updating itself, and even when Mort read the book of his own, the inks are still writing that he is reading the book of himself. When Death have this, GOD, the Almighty, will surely have this huge collection, and the book of light, have the name of those, like a list of names, taken out by angels who read that this person is worthy, and wrote it down, and read during the judgment day.

Life as Stephen
My life, have a particular experience, I do not want to wait till judgment day. I am sharing it, so that everyone who read it, would be touched.

Today, I am although still a Christian, but I am still one without a cell group.
But I would like to share this testimonial with everyone, because in service today, I had a vision from GOD, to put it down, and share with those who reading this.

When I was thinking carefully, I realized that GOD, have been trying to reach out for me. I want those who touched me, to be credited, because it is just.

When I was just in kindergarten, the devil, have been reaching out for me, and I had many accident, and strange illness, that just come and go. In one night, I heard a name, calling for me to go, but I did not. Instead, I scream, when seeing the hand.

1st experience

In 1989, GOD sent the first person in my life, to get me. Chen Xiao Jia, a Chinese girl recently devoted through Rosalinda, the same classmate. I rejected it, because I feels a void in my heart, that reject GOD. In 1990, Wong Mei Lin, a science teacher, was telling me about Newton church, and open an invitation for me, because I was really lost. But my heart was so thicken, that it fell to deaf ears.

2nd Experience

In 1995, GOD sent Melissa Chia, a music teacher, to touch me, by inviting to a church, a catholic church. I was reluctant at first, cos I was to the point of agreeing. But on the day before, I was struck down by illness, and it was so serious, I can’t get myself together to go the next day.

In 1996, Janet Chen, also a catholic, open invitation for me to go to the church. And this time, the devil must be very nervous, cos I agreed. But an infection on the lung, struck me, and I have to be hospitalized. It have been a long long time, since I had anyone inviting me.

3rd Experience

Even in the Army, Terrence Ong, a devoted Christian, ask a lot of people, and try to persuade people to Christ, but somehow, he missed me. But I am not blaming him because of it, because, in later part, GOD must have moved out all to reach me.

4th Experience

In September 2002, I got to know a girl, Li Xiao Jing. After knowing her, GOD sent someone to touch her first. Li Yan, and Guiyi. They are from the Hope of GOD Singapore. Li Yan and Guiyi, introduced Jesus Christ to Xiao Jing, and at that time I was Xiao Jing’s Boy friend, and she invited me to the Hope of GOD. I went in October 2002. My heart was so harden, that whenever pastor ask for alter call, I did not heed anyone’s advice to go out. I seen they speak in tongues, and I do not know how to do it. And after that, I got to know Rick and Alex. And I feels we are belong to the men’s group. And Xiao Jing is in the Girl’s group. In one of the prayer service, I prayed very hard, for a bible, cos I couldn’t afford it at that time. I shared with GOD:” If GOD can hear me, I wanted a bible, that have a large print, easy to read and understand.” It was on Saturday, 1430 service. I did not tell anyone about this prayer, only that I wish I have a bible, but I skipped the details.

First bible came

On Monday, lunch time, I put my bag on the seat, and went to buy food. And when I returned, I though I was at the wrong place. There was a black book, on the table. I thought someone else put in the wrong place. I sit and eat, waiting for the person to return. But no one came. I opened it, it was a Bible, the International Bible, that bears no name, but a stamp. The word Holy bible was not there. I read carefully. A big print, and a dictionary at the back. On the front, St Hilda Church. I was thinking, is GOD, taking book out of his own church to gave me?? I asked everyone I know where is St Hilda Church, but no one knows where is it. I then think, GOD is faithful and he have heard my prayer. In December, 2002, I broke off with Xiao Jing, because of some communication problem. But I still hold the bible, and stopped attending Church, until 2003.

City Harvest Church

Priscilla, opened an invitation for me, to City Harvest Church. And I agreed, cos I was totally lost about stuff. At first, I did not know she is a Christian, and only because I found a verse in the bible, hard to understand I ask if she knows any Christian, who can interpret it. When I got to City Harvest, I was amazed, cos it doesn’t look like a church with crosses everywhere. It was fun, and I brought the bible along, and have bible studies, with Cynthia, Jing kun, Jacqui Wong. We shared about our lives, and then, Cynthia asked how I came across the bible. I tell her, and she said GOD really reach out for me, and I must not disappoint Jesus Christ. From that day, I feels I would like to have a bible of my own, and started praying for it. This is because, the bible is too thick.

Second Bible

GOD, sent Chris Hu, to replace my bible. As I was taking things out of my locker, the bible dropped off, and Chris saw it. He came to know that I am a Christian, and he offered me a bible, cos at that time, I was looking for one. A new bible, looks completely new, and no words or mark, and it really is rare. He gave me this bible, and now, I have two. When I was thinking what to do with the other, I had an impact feeling.

Return of first bible

During one service in July 2003, I talked to GOD, and tell him what is this feeling. I heard him telling me, I must return the bible to the church, and gave me a specific date and time to do it. I obeyed, and during one event, I came to rent a van, and I got to travel anywhere I want. I have setted a point to returned the bible, which belong to St Hilda Church. Things crop up, and I was delayed till 2130. I look through the map, and go look for it, but the road is so mess up, I cannot find where I am going. As time draw near, I panic, cos it was already so late into 2230, and I pray for it, because it is only one chance. I saw a lady walking in the middle of the road, and I slowed down and she knows, and gave way for me. I suddenly have a feeling that I must ask her. I question my mind whether should I ask her, cos it was a deserted road, and it seems strange she is around also. I stopped to ask her, and she directed me to it. As I was thinking any distinct building to look for, She answered to me, without me telling her. I thank her and drove off. As I look back through the mirror as I drove off, the lady in white was not there. I stopped, and look out of the window, SHE is not there! I feels shivering, but I continue. I finally found it, and it was closed, I got down, and was looking at the church, and some guys came out and were shouting among themselves. I turned and realized there is another gate, and I drove on, and sure enough, another building, still St Hilda church. There is a pastor giving lesson for bible study. And then, a man came down. I went forward and ask for a representative, in order to return the bible. The man is a worker, and he is held until very late, because of some stuff, and he is really grateful I am there. As I drive him home, I shared with him, and decide on the fate of that bible. He gave thanks to GOD, because he would be very late if he is taking a bus home. I drove him home, and he told me to keep the bible, and he will discuss with the pastor. He is also amused how the bible came to me, because they only uses it during the bible study, and keep a close look, but that bible managed to get out of the church

Expenses paid off

The next day, my mum won the lottery, and gave me extra allowance, and it totally paid off the expense of the rental and petrol. As for the bible, I feels much better after I mailed it off to St Hilda Church.

Woodlands Evangelical Church

I stopped attending City Harvest, because it was too crowded and too far. I have a dream, that GOD wants me to go to a church, Woodlands Evangelical Church. I did not want to go, because Janice who is my cell group leader, wants me to stay in City Harvest. Even Priscilla wants me to stay, but I followed GOD’s instruction and went. In it, one of the lady, mentioned Lighthouse is a spiritual church. I turned to her, and ask her where it was, but I couldn’t find it in the map. I cycle all day, looking for it, but I couldn’t find the lighthouse. I returned back to City Harvest Church, but the cell group had multiply. Kevin Chia, took me in, but we din last long. After that, Priscilla’s new cell group invited me, but I also din stay long. In few months later, Jean Toh, a former cell group member, invited me, and I stayed for a while. And later, the expense for transportation went up.

Christine Chong

While I was working, and without the urge to attend City harvest, well, I do attend, after graduate from the Polytechnic, but later, stopped attending, cos of temptation to rest. GOD sent in a new lady. Christine Chong. In one vision, GOD wants me to get to know her. I obeyed, and talked to Christine. I came to know that she is a member from the lighthouse! I took out the map, and she directed me through the map, and that map, doesn’t show the church, because it is a new church, and that is why, it doesn’t exist.

Lighthouse Evangelical Church

I followed the instruction, and found it. It is all the while, right there, and I missed the corner when I was cycling, twice. I really thank GOD that Christine came and showed me the way. I attended every morning, and pastor Rony Tan, the founder, was really great in preaching. Now I am looking forward for the Lighters group, or starlight. First, I gotta start having a breakthrough in time management, cos it really is a mess up.

Why was my name Stephen?
Before Stephen came in, it was Kelvin, used from 1995, till 1998, before I have a dream. A serpent, coil around a man, and it was me! A sword came down, and slice the serpent through the head, body and tail, and it formed a S, and the Sword is a T. When I woke up from the nightmare, I was thinking over it. Then, one journey, my cousin propose the name, Stephen. Cos I like to eat chicken, and Step Hen, is suitable for someone who hate chicken. I like it, and it was only till 2003, I found Stephen was mentioned in Acts 2 Chapter 6 verse 8.


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