Monday, January 31, 2005

Prayers, the Radio Version

Interesting parables.

This is something I picked up during one of the prayers, when I was asking about it.Since the beginning, GOD have setted up a radio Station in Heaven.
He, our heavenly father have been speaking to us all the while, but we each, having the radio, does not know how to tune the radio set, because there is just too many buttons.
And we never know which radio channel is he in.

When someone, who introduced GOD into your life, and passed you the Holy Bible, you have attained an instruction book called :" How to tune the radio set" After you learnt to tune the radio, you gotta know which channel is he in.

When You accepted LORD Jesus Christ into your life, and proclaimed he is your Saviour, he will send you holy spirit. to tell you what is the channel you should tune in to.So you now know how to tune the radio, and the channel, and you did that, You must understand what is he talking about, because this is like you, a chinese, tuning to the hebrews channel.

Then you have to have the habit of saying prayers, and ask GOD, for his wisdom to make you understand what is he speaking in the Radio.
That is why, by prayers, you are building your vocabulary, to understand GOD's message to you.

After you have understanded GOD's message, the most difficult part, is to do it. Remember, upon every stages of upgrading, lies a harder task.Many, listens and forget, Some, listen halfway, stopped praying, and lost touch with GOD. Some, failed to remember which channel is he on, and some, have the radio tuned to the wrong channel, and found the purpose in life dimishing.

Pastor Rony, or Lighthouse mentioned 3 dimensions of GOD's presence:
1: God's presence is everywherePsalms 139: 7-8
2: God's presence can be indwellingJohn 14:16-17
3: God's presence can be manifestedLuke
4:18-19If you were to do what GOD have instructed to you, he will be pleased with you, and will bless you in tens, hundreds, thousands of fold.

Remember: Although GOD, is bropadcasting in the radio channel in heaven away, but his blessing travels to you instantly. GOD is just a PRAYER away.
Keep up the prayers in your life, and do GOD's will in JESUS NAME.


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