Thursday, January 27, 2005

Schooling Vs Territorial

A siamese fighting fish died some days ago, and it made me realised, that schooling and territorial fishes cannot strive to live together in the same tank.
This arose when I was puzzled of the reason why the fighting fish died. or is it the female is dead, and he is missing her? hmm... I dunno that.

Anyway, now the species that are in the tank are schooling fishes. Can you believe how cute when the cardinal group together and swim from places to places?

And how'd the snails get into the water?? hmm... that puzzled me a lot, when I found snails trapped on the filter. By the way, the filter is the sponge, pressed together, and worked by differential pressure of 2 partition.

Persistant. do you know how persistant, have made me strike an idea of doing something, that for the past 2 years, cannot be accomplished?

The new design for the water fountain is underway. hmm... hopefully, I have enuff money to start it up.
the new water fountain, aims to clean more air volume, and to run through the filter. fan is also installed, to widen up the air circulation.

People uses water fountain for presentation, but I would like to use the water fountain, to cleans the air, by using the forced aeration technique, and mix the air into the water, and then, filtered it before it diffuses by itself. the key is how to make the air, after forced aeration, and then seperate the air from the water in the later stage. hmm....

Well well, this month's sms gonna be up. bec of freebe, who constantly sms me. ha ha


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