Monday, February 14, 2005

Chinese new year

Hmm... the top level filtration is completed. Well, the water head is increased, but looks odd, cos there is a reservoir that really looks empty.

So, it is the chinese new year last few days, so I din get to come online. hee haw hee haw. and after chinese new year, it is the valentine's day. DUH, really dun feel like working.

I am very sad, cos no people to accompany during the valentine's day. Well, life have to go on.

How many actually go to study the book of jonah? it really is a short story, but it really talk about the fact, that GOD have plan for everyone. yup. even if you are going against GOD's will, but he will bring you back, even if he have to bring in the whale to do it.

The Sims 2. Aiyoh! this is a really really never ending game isn't it? is there a way to finish up the story?? This is like the anime, called Refrain Love, a Japanese Anime game, that is many years ago. Basically, because Refrain Love, is a never ending story. And even if you completed it, there are more than 50 individual endings, that you can never possible accomplish it.
The Sims 2, is about making the Sims happy, and to build the house for them to live in.

For me, I am using that single lady, who is looking for her partner in veronville or something. then, I get her to partner with jack. and guess what? Jack is a lusty lover, and he always have the desire to have more WooHoo, and Make out with 3 or 5 sims. Duh, and I really can't get them have babies, because Jack simply don't cooperate. and before time is up, that lady, grew old, and I cannot get her to do anymroe stuff.

The Sims2, made me think, really, is it that when the two got married, the guy will start to have more affairs, and the lady grew old. This si another thing to think, is that if the guy married the older lady, the guy will have more temptation to have affairs, and thus, gotta have mroe woohoo with the sims. Doesn't this apply to normal life?

The one thing that cannot be happen, is that if your matured sims, no matter how close or often he spent his time with building up relationship with an underaged gal, the option of the lovers, never seems to appear. ha ha. I tried making Jack and helen capp, and they don't develop further after best friends. ha ha.

One thing to note, is that never put the BBQ grill futher to the kitchen. cos the sims, will take a long long time walking there and before the stuff is cooked, the guest have left. and the bush, dun add too much, cos the gardener you hire, cannot ceased to complete the task.

Somehow, when the money plat is planted, you never need to work anymore. and if the gardener is employed, she will do the watering, so just put the money plant out in the field.

Just when I thought Rome, total war is time consuming, The Sims 2, is more time consuming, and it have virtually no ending to it. But one thing to note, is that the more time you spend with the sims, even the enemy of all time, will become your friend. Yup Yup.

And that Ghost, how to get rid of the ghost??


Blogger プリシラー said...

Hi Cousin! Man, you play SIMS2? I never knew that?! Haha...seems like you played quite alot of it to dsicover so many things. Its fun but like you said it doesn't end until you tell it to. So I stopped myself. Haha...

So which service are you going for these days? How come I dun see you at church no more? Join us this Friday nite? And I still have to return you the ISIAIH CDs and your ligth stick! Man...kept them for far too long....feel bad.

Right! Sms me.

5:40 PM  

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