Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Top level filtration breakdown

Hmm... Sunday, is the most busy day for me, as the top level of the fish tank, shattered to pieces.

From today till Thursday, the fish, may just jump out of the water!! I was trying to do a small modification to the mechanical filter in the fish tank, and have to remove the cover to do it.

Never did I realise, I actually put the cover on a hour glass, which actually gives concentrated stress area, and failed to see it. When the next item was place on top of the cover, the glass just break into 2 pieces. When I pick it up, the glass shattered to pieces. PRaise GOD the glass did not break in the fish tank, or the whole tank gotta clear off.

So Sunday, I gotta rush on the design of the better final stage filtration, with higher water head, so that it can produce more air tothe water.

The worksmanship of the previous vendor is dissappointing, because the hioles are not drilled smooth, and they only know imperial units, and not a single thing about metric. So, I gott find a new person to do it.

It really is disappointing to convert the metric units to imperial units, cos the accuracy will be gone. Anyway, I found one, who knows both systems of measurment.

Well, let's hope the new cover is nice looking.


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