Thursday, June 02, 2005

Australia Issue

Australia and Indonesia
According to Straits Times these days, there is a case regarding an Australian being accused of smuggling drugs, and sentences to 20 years jail.

Guilty as charged
While the woman involved claimed that she is innocent, but the court still finds her guilty. Since then, a lot of Australians starts to boycott Indonesia. People who gives generously to Indonesia tsunami red cross calls up and wants their donation be refunded. And when blood donation is required, they wants a document stating that their blood will not be given to Indonesia.

Who planted the drugs?
Although the Australian authority are trying to find out who is the one involved in planting the drugs, this will not help as the woman was jailed. It seems that everytime, things have to go really nasty, and then someone will step up to plug those gaps.

Pack it Up
Now whenever people goes for overseas holiday, they not only lock up, and even using plastics to wrap up the entire baggage, and attach a seal.

Are we over-reacting or playing cautions?

Singapore Transport
Let’s talk about Singapore. This case is getting serious in the MRT and bus interchange. As the train stops, people would stand right in front of the door, and try to squeeze into the train before the commuters can get out. And strangely, those who squeeze in, stopped at the door. How weird can a person be?? I heard people rush in for a seat, but to rush in, and stand at the door inside the cabins?? And even though, from the windows of the train, we can see that there is no seats, yet there are people rushing in. Well, even though you rushed in, you still have to wait for the door to close, before the train starts moving, right?

Bus interchange
I also noticed bus interchange are also the same. Before the bus came, noone is queueing up in the waiting lane. And when the bus came, people rush from all corners, and try to squeeze into the bus or compete with each other to get into the bus. I mean, the waiting land is there, all you have to do use queue up, and when the bus came, all can go up orderly. And with those squeezing, the time have to be extending, cos it is taking more time getting up the bus.

Star war eposide 3
Have you watched the Starwar eposide 3? The revenge of the sith is really awesome. Some commenter said the story is boring… but I teling you, it is more than that. You have to put yourself into the Vadar’s shoe, and understand how he feels. And we have to watch the 4,5 and 6 episode, and then, we can understand how is it.

A lot of Computer Graphic Animation(CGA) are really up to the very detail, and artistic. I really like that table lamp. It I make it out, it would sure sell it out for sure. Providing there is no patent. Ha ha

The humorous is in the beginning, Anakin and Obiwan were trapped in the elevator with the droids, and one droid assuming the leader, said “drop your weapons” and the rest of the droids drop their weapons. Then, one droid said “Uh oh” and the leader said “not you!”. And they are slaughtered. This is how obedient droids can be, but sometime, so obedient, that they forgot to ……compute.

The ending is really very fast. Maybe cos they run out of cash or something.

President's Challenge
Today is the last day, for the application for president election. If noone challenge President Nathan, he will be a winner!


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