Sunday, March 27, 2005

MISO SOUP!! YES, I have learnt to cook MISO SOUP!

Fish Keeping, Good or bad??

This is an article, by Kor Kian Beng of the NEWPAPER somewhere in March.

It describe how a couple tried to get the Qian Hu Coporation to pay them $100,000 in compensation, quoted as Loss of marine life, damage to propertt and emotional trauma.
When the CASE officer and insurance agent step in, the couple lowered the figure to no less than $20,000.

What the compensation they want, is as follow:
· Compensation for tank ($627,50)
· Equipment set up ($15,000)
· Damage to sofa and coffee table ($6200)
· Marine Life ($5,000)
· Damage to marble floor and wooden furniture ($60,000)
· Emotional Trauma ($20,000)

The closing statement they said, “We are not ripping the company”

Glass, are a kind of a material, very hard to control and manufacture than metals. Like metals, where there is impurity in the glass, it would have a risk of spontaneous breakage, and tempered glasses are more vulnerable to this problem. This is because, the tool used to cast glass, a stainless steel, may melt, and nickel sulphide will shift from the furnace metal, to glass, because of osmosis exchange.

Noone can guarantee the glass produced, is 100% free from it, because when the glass is hardened, there is no way to look for this nano-sized material.

When the glass are overchilled, as qian hu quoted, the risk of spontaneous breakage is higher, because the glass are contracted, and the nickel sulphide will scratch the glass, revealing microscopic crack. And that is where the glass will starts to leak and break.

I know about this, because I have read up many books, regarding fish breeding and aquarium setup. That is why, I have researched and derived a 100% maintenance free water filter system, which full biological cycle is established.

Every aquarium expert knew about this risk of glass problem, and that is why, very less aquariums are using tempered glass. And not to mention that fish tank is best not to kept above electrical outlets, and wooden furniture, incase the silicone gave ways.

Com’on, all living things have to die, and it depends on how they die. No matter how lovely the fish it, they would still have to depart one day, and if a person is willing to devote all his life into studying the aquarium, spending $800 per month, is nothing that is necessary.

If the role of keeping fish have left a lot of trauma, then the fish keeping should not be established in the first place.

Came to think of it, I spend less than $50 per month modifying and studying fish tank before the system is established.

Oh yes, I have full confident with the second generation system not, and put it above electrical outlet. So far, nothing has gone wrong, cos there is a failsafe system in place.

Speaking of which, The next in research is a new second stage water filter


It is Good Friday some days ago, and I really thank GOD, that he have sent his angel to wake me up. You know? Last Thursday, I was busy fixing up new thing for my friend, that I slep very late. And on Friday, I was given a shout call at 1030, and I am very late for the 1100 Good Friday service!
I really like to praise him, that I have a safe journey, with the traffic lights turned in my favour and the right moment. And the urge to stay in queue, when the usher told many of us to the basement. I stayed in queue, and was later escorted into the sanctuary. And I attended the service, with full attention, even tough the coffee is not with me.


At last, it is the miso soup. And I have finally perfected the miso soup into Japanese standards, with clams and wakame. Really tasty, and the next is to learn to cook tempura. This art, is really hard, because there is no thermometer to gauge the temperature of the oil, and the temperature differential of the flour and oil, must be kept very far.

I would like to recommend a book, Favourite Japanese Dishes, by Yukiko Moriyama, published by JOIE,INC.

She is a graduate from Japan’s Women’s University, Tokyo, Japan in 1962 with a degree in Home Economics.

As a member of International Association of Cooking Professional, she travels frequently to Japan and other Asian countries to keep abreast of the current trends in Oriental Cuisine.

In this book, she have illustrated step by step, and clearly how the tempuras are cooked, and encourages everyone to uses different ingredient when cooking certain dishes.


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