Monday, March 14, 2005

Failed Attempt

Dr Maurice Sklar is a gifted and accomplished violinist from New York. He has ministered on the violin in major meetings and crusades with Pastor Cho Yonggi, Benny Hinn, Morris Cerullo, Rinehard Bonnke and Peter Youngren.

Have you heard of this man? Well, he is a great violinist, and have a doctor degree to get more wealth and fame. Yet, he choose to serve GOD instead.

After service, I went up to him, just because I was been prompted to talk to him. Guess what, he without me opening my mouth, said I have yet ready to serve GOD because I seems to be waiting for something. He wants me to start opening my mouth, and preach to someone I see everyday.

On monday, I did, and well, it is a failed attempt, cos the person rejected me . ha ha, but it was a good try, and it is basically because I did not make myself clear, which is what I guess.

Sometime, I really wonder...What am I really waiting for?

Anyway, there is this newspaper article, that I really wanna share. And it really is an absurb situation involving fish keeping, and Kenny Yap, the Managing Director of Qian Hu.

Next, while I try to get permission to publish this article.


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