Sunday, May 01, 2005

Last Salvation...Do you take, or leave?

The Twilight Zone, describe a day, when there are people, who looks sort of like an agent, telling people, that they are chosen, and they should go with them.

What would your reaction be, if someone just came up to you, and tell you, “You are Chosen”?

We talk about Adam and Eric. Eric, believe in it, and Adam, believe that they are terrorist, and kidnap them, as people are missing from the neighborhood, and even his Girlfriend, who broke up with him, came back to him, and persuade him, to follow them.

The agents, knew his past life, and his darkest secret, and tell him in form of DVD.
And they told him, he is chosen, and he must make up his mind.

Meanwhile, the FBI, are looking for those missing people and attempts to find the agents and confront them.

When Eric, who is a handicapped, was pushed to his house by the agent, and flash light appeared, and they are gone.

Adam immediately, buy a shot gun, and lock himself up, and hide in his house.
When the agent, made his way in, Adam shoot one of the two agent, and was thrown out of the house.

When he walk out to see, he saw all the missing people. The agent, who was shot, got up, and in a flash, they are gone, along with the agents.

After a while, there was a national warning siren, and asteroid drop like rain, killing everyone.

Adam, was given the last salvation, and many are trying to reach out for him. Yet, he rejected it.

Would you reject the offer, if you are chosen to be given the last salvation?


Blogger Amanda Val Ng said...

naH, I will just ask them to sent a word from God in-order for me to leave with them.

7:07 PM  

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