Monday, May 23, 2005

The days when GOD stopped Death


Since the beginning when Adam ate the apple of knowledge, death has been at work, collecting souls, as they died.

Many historical person and kings and queens, have been searching a way to escape death, including Emperor Qing Shi Huang, who listen to a Taoist and sent 300 boys and girls to an island and get an elixir to gain immortal life.

Many kings and queens, have been hiding at the time of old age, a place where no human can find them, but death, found them eventually, because, GOD is with death.

GOD held Death

Have you wondered, what the world will become, if GOD, the Almighty held death to be by his side? The twilight zone, have explained this, when life, who is disguised as a doctor, and death, as a suicidal man.

The doctor is a person, who try to bring patient away from death, but death always succeeded. Then one day, death, is so stressed out by the person’s agony, that he stopped working. He stopped collecting souls, and people never die. He was eventually brought the Dr life, and the doctor at first do not believe him, until death have showed him proof, that there is no obituary , the first soul collected in the hospital, and the fact that people continue to cry for pain, even though the heart and every life pulse stopped beating.

Death explained that no matter how hard the work is, he have to do it, because it is to keep the population in control. Dr life explain that when it gets overcrowded, humans can migrate to outer space. But the fact is that people will suffer pain, and they cannot escape from it, unless they die.

In the end of the argument, Dr life urge death to continue his work. And to his shock, he saw his name on the book, and died. Death picked him up, and they walk away.

Book of Revelation.

In the book of revelation, it is describe that at the day of the wrath of GOD, GOD kept the death angel by his side, and the sinners, are left to suffer, when the trumpet are called for. Those unmarked, suffered greatly, and they cannot die. Could you imagine the agony, that your legs and hands are chopped, and whole body burnt, but you still feel the pain forever, and there is no escape from it? It would really be terrible. One way to escape from it, is to be ‘marked’ by GOD, so that the disaster will pass us by. We should share the gospel to those who doesn’t know it. And attempt to save them. And we, as a Christians ourselves, should do good deeds, and not create any more sins. A books have describe this:


A Christian, who was deeply in love with Jesus Christ, spent 10 hours per day in prayers, attends church regularly without fail, praising GOD every minutes, died pennilessly and with a broken home, and was sent to hell. When he questioned GOD why was he in such a fate, GOD answered: You are an annoyance. You may be praising me, but you quarrel and sues your neighbour who did not offend you. You cheated the company money, visiting prostitute, scolding your lifegroup members, discourage people from attending church.

Actions speaks louder

Therefore, from the story, it can be seen that, no matter how loud you voice out how great GOD is, it is still the action, that GOD sees in you, “You have to act, and not talk.” As Pastor Rony Tan said,” otherwise, when I meet my Master (Jesus Christ) in heaven, I have to bow my head low, and you Christians from my church, have to hide behind me, pushing me forward.” No Christians would want to bow low, when we die and brought before OUR LORD and Saviour. We got to do great deeds, that when we meet him, we can stand in front with chest up and look at him in the eye.

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