Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Zion Bookstore
Zion bookstore, have you seen this bookshop? I went to the one in Somerset MRT station. Well, on weekdays, office hour, I can see very rarely people stepped into the shop. And on weekend, it sure is fully packed with people.

2 church, 2 CDs collection

I wanted to point out this thing I noticed. In the Audio CD sermon, you can see only 2 pastor, from 2 church, coming out with CDs. And with more than a hundred churches, it really is UNBELIEVABLE, only two church founder, made it a point to take down their sermon in CDs and writings. One is Rev Kong Hee from the City Harvest Church, and the other is Rony Tan. And they both even have a special rotating display rack specially for their Cds. It really is good, that they moved their titles out to the stores, Perhaps, a non Christian office manager was deeply trouble, passed by the shop, and noticed this incredible Cd, and turned to Jesus? Wow……

Attitude in Church

How impolite, do you think, when you are in a Sunday service, and you leave, halfway through the sermon, what does this reflect? Does it reflect, you think what he talking is not fit for your ear, or you are impolite, as not to seat till the end, or just make a short wave before leaving for nature call?

Annoying Girl

I dislike seeing people, leaving halfway in the sermon, and worse still, talking to each other or sleeping. I remember once, a girl who sits besides me, constantly kicking the seat in front. Besides that, she open the purse, took out a sweet, and then put back, then open the purse, take out HP and start SMS, and put back, what is she there for?? I wonder really.
Well, in the end, after the service, guess what, the person who sits in front of her, is a pastor as well. Oh gosh, and he reprimanded her about it.

Heart of Worship
HEART OF WORSHIP, volume 1 to 5. This, I personally recommend this. Get this. So far, I only know the cheapest price you can get, is from the Lighthouse Evangelism. Yup, I dun tell you how much it is, but amount those shop I came across, this is the lowest price you can get. Ha ha . Drop by for service if you do, and you may see for yourself, why pastor Rony’s CD ought to be in the store.

Da Vinci, Fact or fiction?

The real Da Vinci Code by Dan brown. Do you really believe what this guy is writing?? It was even up on the Channelnewsasia as a documentary of the week. It really is strange, of every action, there is always an equal and opposite reaction. Some will try to come up theory that overthrow the church. Do you know, GOD is perfect in doing things, but it always the human, who bring the things down. Have you ever trace back the time to the age of the old testament?? If you are a bible student, can you trace to the fact, that the date we are living now, is wrong from the bible?? It is because, if our date is put into the scripture, we have a lost of a few numbers of years, and it is eventually traced back to the 6th century, a monk, who made a discrepancy in the calendar system. In the documentary, Dan Brown, never made an appearance. Perhaps, he was worried, that he would be stoned by Christians. It is always the co-author, who is interviewed.


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