Saturday, June 25, 2005

A time with The LORD

I ws filtering and cleaning up files in my desktop, and find this file, which contain my thoughts.
I would like to share around, but this thing is really like written 2 years ago.

Once, I have a problem with a design of a component specification. It is not able to work and I do not know what to do, after I consulted my group member.

The problem have been pestering me because I sees it as a challenge. But in my most stressful time, I turned to the bible for answer.

For hour after hour, I have been praying for god’s answer, what is the next step I should do. And guess what, I suddenly have a vision. I will remember it as long as I will because it’s an answer.

There is this man, who have a wife, a son and a daughter –in-law. The daughter-in-law is not happy with the mother-in-law daily, and complains to her husband, who is the man’s son. The man’s son, siding with his wife, argue with his mother, who is the man’s wife.

Everyday when he went home, they were quarrel so much that the man complains everyday.
One day, he goes to the church, and share his problem with a pastor.
After the pastor have went to his house, he told the man.:” If you want to cease the problem, you are to bring in a cow, goat, chicken, dogs and cat into your house and share the house with them,. Together with your family.

The man did, and he faced with very noisy environment with the dogs barking, the cat purring, the cow moo, , the goat maah and the chicken crows daily. He lives with it for two weeks as the pastor have recommended.

After 2 weeks, the pastor visit him, the man complains to the pastor about the animals. The pastor at once told him to get rid of the chicken, and he commanded him to live with the rest of the animals for another week.

At the end of the week, the pastor came and took all the rest of the animals away, leaving his daughter-in-law, son and wife, who are still not in good term, quarreling everyday..

However, the man sigh a relief. “It’s so much better now”

Can you see a moral in this story?

Every time, when we complain to god, we did not looks intot he worse case of the trouble. Sometime, you may came across a difficult problem, there is a more difficult problem, but god and not let you see it until you ask for it. And if you are faced with a most difficult problem, you are glad when some of which, is taken away.

I have to admit to the LORD, I never joined any cell group gathering, despite the fact I have been with the Cell Group for many months, and I have even finished 10 lessons of the Getting started in our Church. Yet, I was constantly giving excuses to my CG leader that I have to study. And after my study have gone, I was faced with more tedious project after the examination have finished.

Sometime, I grumbled that I do not have any time in quiet time with LORD. Little did I realized, today, that most of my free time, I have been engrossed in reading up story of Jesus and his parables.

I grumbled that I do not have time in fellowship with my CG when they asked me out, little did I know, I was spending time in the library, reading up my favorite books.

After the service today, I felt lost, totally lost ! Many things are waiting to be done. I have put god’s word at the last of the list. Why am I doing that, when most of the trouble time, God showed me visions, that make me realize, he is always by my side?

For Jesus said, I will wait at the door, knocking. And whoever opens the door, I will go in and fellowship with him…


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