Sunday, June 12, 2005

Powderful massage

Not to be rejected
This is something new discussed in the church today, and I find it should be a point to note it down.

2 weeks ago, a Muslim lady, came to visit the church, and attended in one of the miracle service.

As she walked in, she was rejected by one of the lighters, that it is not the place for her. And as she walked further, another lighter also approached her and tell her the same thing.

It later came to one of the pastor’s attention, and he announce on today, that a person, no matter what faith he or she is in, we should never reject them out from the Lighthouse Evangelism. He made and declares again and again, that all religions, are welcome, to the Lighthouse Evangelism, if they come in need of help and in peace. Of course, even if it is Osama Bin Laden, wanted to come to church, we should not reject him out of the door, because Jesus have emphasized to the disciples in one teaching, that we should not cast the children out of the circle, for they are pure, and can be refined.

So if you are a person, of other religion, and you wanted to know Christ our LORD, and other churches rejected you out their door, come to Lighthouse Evangelism. We welcome you in peace and in need.

Choose a Leader
Pastor Rony made a nice point today. We should have a purpose driven fact. Why is it so? Try not taking side in soccer match, and try to enjoy it. Without a team to support, you will never be able to enjoy a good soccer match. Same thing with Following Christ and Lucifer. If you are not taking any side, you will not progress in the walk of faith.

So if you want to follow the Good cause, you should throw off all the sinful stuff at home, and for good.

If you want to follow Lucifer’s way……Just throw the good things, and you may find that when you are in need of help, NO help is coming your way, except from the devil.

3rd generation filter.
I am designing a new second stage filter for my fish tank. Well, the new design, will have 6 water crush, and removable filter chamber. And also, an improved biological filter and nitrate removal. Well, really out of budget now, so din get to be able to get it done.


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