Thursday, August 11, 2005

Still alive

Singapore 40th National Day
Well, it is after the Singapore 40th National Day.
Time really fly very fast when you got a job.

Yup, I am still working in Seagate, and I must say, rules are really very strict and sometime, is enjoyable, until someone announce your name on the intercom.

Not many clean-room in Singapore, have a high standard of Class 10.
Yup, the room I am working in, is a Class 10 Clean-room. And it really is a very healthy environment, because just one deep breath, you have absorbed probably more than $10 worth of clean air.

Particles are controlled very strictly, because the minute particle can hinder the entire production. It can block the light reflecting from the Media Disk. And yup, you cannot ever, attempt or take the media disk without any written permission. Once taken out, you are liable to be fired, and leave a black mark in Seagate.

A shout to the call
For the past two week, I really must thank LORD Jesus for waking me up from my sleep, either go to work, or go to Church.

Yup, Two weeks ago, I was working very late, that I do not wish to go to church the next morning. And guess what, a grass cutter came along, and cut the grass. His motor was so loud and persistent, I got to go out.

Then last week, I also do not wish to go to church, but my boss called me, and tell me to bring a key. Oh duh, cannot sleep afterward.

To a new shop
I also would like to thank him for the inspiration, to get to try a new route to work. Yup. Previously, I usually eat at a coffee shop, until it gets bored, because the food are not tasty, and the coffee is weak.

Once, when I was cycling, I have a temptation to take a turn, and I just follow the feeling, and bingo, I saw another coffee shop. I tried the food, and the duck porridge is very thick, and so is the coffee.

Working life now have become better, only the overtime sometimes. Yup. When there is a rush in production, there I am, slaying like a slave, driven to work faster and harder.


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