Thursday, November 03, 2005

30th Oct 2005 10 PM......

3 people are charged and convicted for racism
Wow, I was so frighten that the next blog I post, can send me to jail. That I took a long long break from posting a blog.

Yup, I am very much alive, and for the past few weeks, life is really tiring. Productions are rush, and to imagine, climbing a 3 storey building, that feels as if I am climbing a six storey building…..well, that is somehow true. You know? A cleanroom, may looks like small, but there are spaces for ventilation, and one cleanroom looks like 3 storey room.

Xiao Lan (My Love)
I am inspired by xiao lan, to post up my next blog. Yup. I have a companion now. She is Xiao Lan. Though she is not like those superstar, but I don’t go for external look, I like, rather, the inner beauty of a person. 30th October 2005. yup, this date, I mark down in my schedule. Only xiao lan and me knows what date is that.

I like to thank Shini also. Cos without her giving xiao lan my email, we may not be in touch. Thank you shini for your help.

Actually, I and xiao lan have known for around 2 years, and because of my former gf, I have no faith in love anymore, until I went with xiao lan, to the Chinese garden, during the mooncake festival, I found that special feeling back. I wish this feeling will never fades, and together with xiao lan. One thing for sure, my mums and relatives like her, and that is all that matters.

Creative Sound blaster Audigy.

I just got this pcmcia card for my laptop, hoping to enhance my audio outputs. Hmm… A bit disappointed, because this device is dedicated to use on Creative sound speakers, and not into home theatre system. And after I bought it, and try out, I realized that my laptop actually supports digital system and can integrate into the home theatre system, without the use of Audigy. Oh duh. Tomorrow, I am going to get a refund for this.
The sales representatives should have got the equipments ready at all time, so I can test the equipment on spot with my laptop. As fare as I know, he commented that the cables is taken to another place by another representatives. But well, I am not holding any grudge.

Just to let you know, that if you are trying to use Sound blaster Audigy and trying to integrate into the home theatre system via optical means, think again, or try on the spot before doing anything. I guess, even when I dun have creative speakers, Audigy works best with creative speakers.


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