Monday, November 07, 2005

Mount Faber

A Day with Xiao Lan
Sunday, is perhaps a busy day for me. In the morning, I do the household chores, and then cook lunch for Xiao Lan. And we met in a place, and have lunch together.

The Gods must be crazy
After that, we watch the “The Gods must be crazy” part 1 and 2.
I like the part one, cos there are a lot of stun by Andrew Sten, who make a lot of funny move. And the Xi, always don’t know what is it about.

The gods must be crazy, is about a tribe in the Kalahari desert, Africa, came upon a coca cola bottle, and it creates disharmony among the family. Then, Xi, went away, and dispose the bottle. At the same time, a fugitive, Sam Boha, along with 7 others, kills and wounded the ministers, and make a run for their life. And a Miss Thompson, a teacher, is taken up a job to teach in a school.

The gods must be crazy 2, is about two of Xi’s children, came upon a truck by poachers, and it took them away. When Xi sees it, he is determine to go after the “Giant animal” and find his children.

Memories of Singapore
Then, we watch the DVD, Memories of Singapore. Guess what, when it came to Mount Faber, I tot it is a nice night for sightseeing. So I suggested to Xiao lan, we goes to mount faber. She agrees, and we just went home to lay down the stuff, and went. Memories of Singapore, is a 15 minutes DVD, showcasing popular saite like the Zoological Garden, Jurong bird park, and others.

Cable Car
We go by cable car, and believe me, the last time I ever took a cable car, is when I was 5 years old~! When I took the cable car, I can remember the time, when I was small, and my parents took me. To sentosa with the cable car. When I thought of my dad, my heart simply broke down. But this, of course, Xiao Lan did not sees it.

We bought a $12 ticket, and the cable car went to Sentosa, and back, and proceeds to the Mount Faber. The sight I really astounding. Nice look at the city, and the only sad thing is, you have to pay, and sit and enjoy.

Park, or not a park
One thing very disappointing, is that the park, is suppose to be romantic, but everywhere we went to, it is a bright light. And above every bench, stands a lamp post. We could find one without lamp post, and is is just right where the telescope can sees us~!

At the telescope point, stood a huge tree, and it is perhaps, the top of mount faber. There is a wall of all mould, telling story of Singapore. Till 2230, we went back by cable car to cable tower. Can you imagine how nice, that every cable car, have no person on board? And it is slower than the one in Hong Kong.

I like the sense of height, when the cable car leaves the tower. Cannot feel the sense of ground. And when it passes through a cruise, we can see on top. The cruise is named Amsterdam. Yup. Have a swimming pool, and some games on board. Xiao lan even said she wants to starts saving up for a cruise. Ho ho.

When it is time to leave, I just simply home, tomolow will be a holiday, and Xiao Lan can be in my arms all night in Mount Faber……


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