Thursday, November 24, 2005

Chilling days are here!

Nguyen Case

As reported in Page 28 of the TODAY newspaper, 24th November 2005, Dr Chee was on the headline again. And this time, it is in Australia. Somehow, he is in Australia, calling for the Australian Nguyen’s case to be lifted.

Well, I do agree with Anthony Prakasam, that it is true, that the word drug trafficking is punishable by death is written in the disembarkation card when we go from country where it carries the death sentence. I wonder how will he be able to escape from it, if he is caught. It is even 4 times, the limit, where 100gramme is able to give you the death sentence, yet, he does it, and now, the Australia wants to save him.

Who is funding Dr Chee, I wonder. He seems to be the man, who is able to pay bills, and expenses to other country. Without working? That is what I assume. He speaks, and he gets the money, who is paying for his typically baseless rhetoric?

Our government is trying their very best, to make a name for Singapore, and even groom the Changi Airport up to the World Class Airport, an excellent accessible transport system, and abundance housing. Yet, one man, stand up, trying to destroying it with words.

We in Singapore have stopped listening to his baseless criticisms, and he moved on to other country and speaks in media. We certainly hope that no one will take his statement seriously and be severely dealt with when he returns to Singapore.

I hope the person who funds Dr Chee, stop doing it, as it is hurting our national interest among the world.

Still, the existance of Dr Chee, can also allow those who wants facts, to know more about Singapore by digging deep into understanding Singapore more, and they may find that the good side of Singapore is more than the bad side of Singapore. As said by a famous person, "Of every reaction, there is a positive and negative reaction. And what keeps an object going continously, is often the positive reaction that is more than the negative force." As quoted by Isaac Newton.

Algae Bloom

The nightmare of all aquarium people. Algae. It bloom, so uncontrollable, that I don’t even know what to do with it. Does marine aquarium have this problem too? I was in Suntec yesterday, and I saw three huge aquarium tank, featuring Marine aquarium, just beside the Koi Pond. It is really nice. With 3 television by aquarium media, it looks very artistic. As I look into it, it seems the glass are thick, as the refractory curve is very steep. Looks like a round glass on the other side. Really will prompt people to switch to marine aquarium.


Yup, it rains all days, for 2 days. I love the winter here, with 22 degree centigrade. It is brought about by the North East Monsoon, and rains continuously.
Hope this continues


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