Saturday, November 19, 2005

Out of Job, out of mind

Oh duh, retrenched. Yup. I am now retrenched, in an effort to help the company save some money.
How would you react if you are retrenched?

I feels sad, but nevertheless, feels that I am free from the 8 to 5 prison. Ha ha

Xiao Lan stays
Xiao lan is here staying in my home. Hmm….I like her company, os she is someone easy to make her laugh, and she cares a lot about me. I cook at home everyday, just for her, so that she will not be hungry, and gets the best out of a dish. In the hawker centerm you may never know how your food is prepared, and what is added in the food.

In our household, we never uses MSG. Everything about chicken is broiled. And every food is made with the minimum seasoning, so that we can taste the best out of a veggie or meat.

Qian Hu
We went to Qian Hu Aquarium today, simply because yesterday, Xiao Lan suggested about Dragon fish. Immediately, the name Qian Hu came to mind. I am glad that Qian Hu have a shutter bus service. Otherwise, to go there, is hard. Among all the fish farm, Qian Hu seems to be the only one that is left standing strong despite all years of turmoil. Most possibility is because of the fact that they know the fishes very well, and they can buy in sick fish, and nurse them to a better shape and sell off at higher price.

Their aquariums are all of simplest design. And the air pump, being centralized, can pump air at the most economical rate. I can see their cardinal tetra, though is very expensive, but they are in very good health. Xiao Lan and I went to have a look at all the fishes, and even go to the pond, and see those Koi. I see a lot of families, bringing their children to the Qian Hu, and play there. The turnout, is though small, but it can gives us some spaces. No good, if the crowd is too much, and everyone gets tight.

After that, we went to take the LRT for a ride, before returning home. It’ve been a long time since I took LRT.

Well, these few days, with Xiao Lan, the time really passes very quickly. And on Monday, I gotta go and find a work.


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